Sample of EdPractices Presentation Materials

Serving Emergent Bilinguals with IEPs (Rita Brusca-Vega & Jane Montes)

 Session 1 Materials

Session 2 Materials

Establishing Productive Classroom Discourse for Math Problem Solving (Diana Underwood)

Translanguaging (Rita Brusca-Vega and Jane Montes)

Teacher Support and Retention

Ridge, B.L. & Lavigne, A.L. (2020). Improving Instructional Practice through Peer Observation and Feedback. Educational Policy Analysis Archives, 28(61). (see pdf)

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Krasnoff, B. (2014). What the Research Says about Class Size, Professional Development and Recruitment, Induction and Retention of Highly Qualified Teachers. Northwest Comprehensive Center. (see pdf)

Teacher Support and Retention in the Pandemic

Panlilio, C. & Tirrell-Corbin, C.  (2021, March). Our Research Shows Educators Are Experiencing Trauma During the Pandemic. Here’s How We Can Reduce the Burden. EdSurge.

Meyer, D. (2020, June). Teacher Retention: How to Keep the Best from Leaving. Elmhurst University.