Teacher Support / Retention

Teacher Support / Retention

Support/Retention for Beginning Educators

EdPractices will be there to support district efforts to affirm beginning teachers. We advocate for new teachers to enthusiastically STAY and THRIVE in education! Our plan includes the following:

S – Self-care

Assist in creating individualized routines and teaching habit roadmaps to ensure the social- emotional, as well as instructional, needs of newer teachers are addressed.

T – Teacher-teams

Round-table opportunities using a community of learners approach for newer teachers to collaborate within the district/school and with cohorts from nearby school corporations.

A – Authentic Analysis

Ask/don’t tell structured coaching provided. Clinical observation and self-reflection lead to outcome-driven support and modeling for newer teachers.

Y – Year-round Service

Resources, dedicated conferences, and individualized mentoring provided throughout the school year.

Our Process …

We operate from the philosophy that the best way to retain beginning teachers is to provide consistent professional growth and support activities throughout the academic year, based on the teacher’s individual strengths and needs AND the initiatives of the school/district.

We start this process by consulting with administrators, having teachers complete a self-assessment so they are active participants in the process, conducting observations of teaching in the classroom and then assisting teachers to create a roadmap for success.

We continue the process by creating a community of learners, consisting of other new teachers, and providing PD in knowledge and skill areas that teachers and administrators have chosen, continuing with regular observation and structured coaching, and supporting teachers as needed on an individual basis in person or virtually.

We end the year with teachers and administrators by reviewing and revising teacher road maps with activities designed to maintain peer support.

Our Beliefs…

  • We believe that teachers should be SUPPORTED in their professional growth.
  • We believe that teachers should be INSPIRED in their classroom efforts.
  • We believe teachers should be EFFECTIVE in delivering instruction to all students.

See our research brief – STAY and THRIVE: A Look at Improving Teacher Retention

Given the current public health situation, services will be provided face-to-face and/or online as needed.

Sample Support/Retention Program for the School Year

Structured Coaching


  • Minimum of 4 teacher observations throughout the academic year
  • Goal setting & assessment of progress
  • Individual feedback sessions
  • Modeling for instruction and behavior management
  • Mentoring in professional growth areas

Peer Learning Communities


  • Creation of peer learning community within school/district
  • Minimum of 5 facilitated peer learning sessions on shared professional growth needs
  • Opportunities to join regional peer learning community online and face-to-face workshops

Situational Support


  • Support as needs of teachers arise during the year
  • Individual online or face-to-face communication